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  • W / S / A / D - Movement
  • Mouse - Movement direction and shooting direction
  • left Mouse Button - Shoot
  • right Mouse Button - Punch
  • Spacebar - Roll (Has Cool-down)
  • left Shift - Walk / Sneak
  • E - Pickup items
  • F - Throw Items
  • ESC - Pause Game


About this Game

Infiltration is a stealth based shooter game made for the Search for a Star 2019 Game Development Competition.

Any downloaded assets are referenced in my documentation.

Any code has either been written by myself or came with the existing project, the only thing that wasn't written by me was the outline shader for the objects which i found online, this is referenced in my documentation.


How To Play

 In this game you will need to sneak through office floors in order to get to the endpoint which is the other set of elevators on the floor.

Be careful as enemies are patrolling areas, they will hear your footsteps if you are running so try sneak around to get the drop on them! They will also hear gunshots so use it only when necessary. Pickup items and throw them, the noises from the items will distract enemies and turrets so be sure to make use of them where you can.

The levels will progressively get harder and more complex as they go, more enemies will be patrolling and you will have to search harder for keys to progress with each level.

Upgrade points can be found in levels in the form of a purple coin, collect them and be sure to purchase your upgrades in the menu! 

Click the link below to download, Good luck!



ScottLeatherbarrow_Infiltration_SFAS19_Submission.zip 86 MB
SFAS_Documentation_scott leatherbarrow.pdf 524 kB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unzip it to desired location on drive.

Double click the 'SearchForAStar2019.exe' file to run the game.


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